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What is Mae’d Wellness?

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One can easily find my mission and vision, as well as my truck load of credentials on my self made website (y’all I am proud of that) www.maedwellness.com.

It is all about empowering folks and rendering services to help them get themselves well. Because that is what wellness is all about. You HAVE to be accountable to and for yourself. Ain’t nobody (well known double negative) else going to do it for you. There is this really cool illness and wellness continuum. On the end of illness is early death, but the wellness side does not end. Why? We were always made to reach higher and strive for more and more.

Some of my services include aromatherapy, bodywork, nutrition, and more. There are SO many ways to become well, it is really up to you to explore and to decide what works best.

So drop me a line. Tell me what you think. Let me know if I can help you get high on yourself.