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Hmmm….let’s see what we can effectively do and/or change in our lives, holistically, for real improvement.....

  1. Toxic People: Stop letting people get you down! If there is someone in your life who is not there lifting you- just cut the cord. The relationship will likely not change. Easy, right?

  2. MOVE: Your skin is your largest organ, and has many important functions, like sweating. When you sweat, you release toxins- this allows your immune system to do its job more effectively, and can even help prevent disease. Sweating also keeps you from over heating and allowing your body to maintain the right temperature. Movement is the best catalyst for this to happen. You do not have to be a gym member, athlete or even like exercise in order to move. Just do anything that speaks to you, in order to get the heart rate up and sweat it out.

  3. Get Some Sleep: I have addressed sleep a few times in my social media posts, but I have to tell you again, how important rest is for your life. We live in a society where the busier, the better. The truth, we are all dying slowly from our lack of sleep. When your body is in rest and digest, your heart and blood vessels actually repair themselves, along with boosting that coveted immune system. Adults, try, pretty please to get 7-8 hours daily, if possible.

  4. Avoid Chemicals in Your Products: This is a tough one, I know. What I will say is that to any food product, skin product, or household product- if it gets too scientific, and you can not read it, you probably should not use it or eat it. Also, stay informed and read labels!

  5. Clear the Air: From here on, I am gifting folks humidifiers, plants and diffusers! I read an article once where a doctor flat out stated, "if you live in any place that has pollution, and you do not have a way to clean the air in your home, you are killing yourself and your family. The aforementioned air cleaners can help absorb and/or cleanse gasses and pollutants that would otherwise linger in your home, thus your body.

I hope these tips help you with getting a jumpstart on detoxing your life :)