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Baby Prep Nugget

This little nugget was too long for a social media post, but not quite long enough for a blog post, but I am posting anyway.

As much as I/We want to be ready for this baby, is there really a such thing as “being ready”? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do somehow pride myself in being a planner extraordinaire, though I have had some wise souls to flat out tell me to get over it. There is the looming feeling of losing control of any control I thought I might have, and literally having to just ride the wave. The baby (and myself) will be better for it, I know it.

May is swiftly ending, and June is next door; I am reflecting on so many things that have flown by in the past 8 months of pregnancy. I have no clue how I’ll do it, all I know is, I will.